Pulsive Mod Menu 0.4.1 | GTA 5 Online


The Pulsive Mod Menu has a nice style and a lot of useful functions. The Mod Menu has a high level of security, therefore it’s unlikely that you’ll be banned if you use it. It’s a recode of the original atom mod menu, indicating that the developer has a lot of coding knowledge!
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Features of the Pulsive Mod Menu:

  • Self options
  • Weapon modifications
  • Vehicler spawner
  • Network options
  • Protections
  • Recovery options
  • Many more

How to use Pulsive in GTA V

  1. Run GTA V Story mode and wait in-game
  2. Download and run the Pulsive Injector
  3. Get yourself a Pulsive login key
  4. Press “Check”
  5. Select your GTA V Launcher
  6. Press “Launch” to inject Pulsive
  7. Press “Insert” to open up the menu in GTA V
pulsive mod menu screenshot

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