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This great Valorant Wallhack lets you see enemies’ player models behind walls and objects. With this cheat you will always easily win, as long you are playing legit in order to not be suspicious and to avoid any reports. Of course you are at risk to be banned as always, because Valorant has the world’s best anticheat.

How does this Valorant Wallhack work?

It is a DLL file based cheat for Valorant that hijacks Discord’s DX11 Present to hook DrawIndexed from the SwapChain which then draws the players’ (enemies) models behind any object that you can think of.
As you can see, injecting a wallhack into Valorant is not a typical method; in fact, this is possibly the first one you’ve ever seen. But bear in mind that this is a wonderful way to do so because Discord is a Valorant-trusted source, giving this cheat a perfect basic model for developers who want to create bypasses for it and turn it into a paid cheat.

It’s also worth noting that using a standard injector to inject the DLL file into Valorant won’t work because Vanguard will identify it right away. Instead, you can use an injector like the FACE Injector, which I’ll go over in greater detail in the “How to Use” section.

How to use

Using the Free Valorant Chams Wallhack Cheat is more difficult than it appears. If you read the last section, you’ll see that the cheat cannot be injected using a conventional injector, which is true. In this section, I’ll show you how to utilize it step by step so you can appreciate how great this Free Valorant Hack is!

  1. Like you do with every single cheat in the world, go ahead and download the file, the DLL, necesarry down below. Simple click on the download button
  2. Once the the DLL file which is compressed in a RAR archive has been downloaded in your downloads directory, navigate to that directory, open the RAR archive using an archive extractor tool and extract the DLL into a folder of your choice. Do not forget where it is.
  3. Start Valorant via the Riot Client if you haven’t already
  4. Use a working Valorant injector such as FACE Injector in order to inject the Free Valorant Chams Wallhack Cheat into the Valorant process itself
  5. You are good to go! Now all you have to do is hop into a game and camp enemies behind walls!

FACE Injector:



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  • Did not explain at all how to use FACE injector tho. what do I need to run it with. what apps do I need and what exactly am I running.

    • Hey, execute the injector while the game is running then select the file to inject it.

  • how do you install the injector?

  • how to use the face injector?

  • i have downloaded face but theres no exe or anything like what file do i open to use the injector?

  • There is no executable file in the injector. how to run and use?

  • Please upload a video on how to perform the cheat!

  • omg

  • amazing is best

  • nice

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