Ares Minecraft Hacked Client – (1.12.2 – 1.18.1)


More about The Ares Minecraft Hacked Client:

The Ares Minecraft Hacked Client is free and open source and it can be can be also found on Github. The github page has been set up very nicely. There is a decent amount of information on the client, and there are instructions on building the client for yourself.  The great thing about Ares Minecraft is, that it works for almost all Minecraft version ranging between 1.12.2 and 1.18.1.

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Interesting Hacks Offered By The Ares Minecraft Hacked Client:

[1] – Anchor Aura
This module automatically places and explodes Respawn anchors to kill opposing players, it obviously only works in the overworld.

[2] – Crystal Aura
This module automatically places and explodes End crystals to kill opposing players, the module itself is slightly customizable with a few different settings and modes.

[3] – Kill Aura
This module automatically attacks enemy players or mobs.
Unfortunately this module does not have as many settings as other clients I have reviewed.

[4] – Firework Aura
I have never seen this module before, The module itself attempts to trap an opposing player. It will then spam fireworks dealing damage to them.

[5] – Bed Aura
This module automatically places and then right clicks beds in the nether and end dimensions, to blow up your enemies.

[6] – Offhand
This module lets you hold an item in your offhand, but then it automatically switches to a totem when you reach a certain health level.

[7] – offhand gap
When enabled this module will automatically gappel on a right click, even if you are not on your grapple slot.

[8] – Surround
This module automatically surrounds your feet with Obsidian to prevent other players from blowing you up with end crystals or beds.

[9] – Auto City
This module automatically breaks the blocks surrounding an opposing player’s feet, so that you can deal more damage.

ares minecraft hacked client
ares minecraft hacked client screenshot

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