Hacker Mode v30.37 – Among Us

Use at own risk

Hacker Mode – Among Us Hack 2022

This cheat called Hacker Mode is probably the best Among Us Hack you will ever see.

There are two reasons why it is the best and most widely used. The first is that it is always being updated, and the second is that it is completely free FREE AMONG US HACK / Cheat!

among us hack

Features of Hacker Mode:

  • Force Imposter
  • Kill Cooldown
  • Infinite Range
  • Infinite Sabotage
  • Kill Imposter
  • Wall Hack
  • Lag Switch
  • Unlock Items and many more

How to use Hacker Mode in Among Us:

  1. Download Rar file
  2. Open it and move the folders inside to your desktop
  3. Run the exe in the app folder you´ve put on your desktop
  4. Have fun 🙂

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