Wurst Plus three Minecraft Client – 1.12.2


About the Wurst Plus Three Hack:

Wurst is slightly different to all of the other clients I have reviewed so far.
It is a free and open source project that can be found on github.
There is a decent amount of information in the read me section, with links to their Discord server and to download the client.

Hacks offered by Wurst Plus Three:

[1] Crystal Aura – This module is extremely customizable, there are so many settings it can be confusing but with a good config it can be Powerful.

[2] Kill Aura – This module offers a few settings but is nowhere near as good as other clients.

[3] Offhand – There are not enough settings in my opinion but to be fair the module does work.

[4] Surround – I was actually decently surprised with the surround module. It has a decent amount of settings and works really well.

[5] Trap – I found this module to be slightly inconsistent, sometimes working and sometimes breaking but this could be due to a config issue.

[6] Hole Fill – This module fills safe holes around you, so that your enemies don’t have anywhere to hide. It works decently well but lacks some settings.

[7] Hole Esp – This is a render module that highlights safe holes. It has a few settings and personally I’m a fan of the gradient option.

[8] Name Tags – The nametags module looks clean and is somewhat customizable, but personally I prefer the look of some other clients name tag modules.

How to download the Wurst Plus Three Client:

There are multiple ways of downloading a jar from github, the best practice is to compile the source code yourself. The reason this is done is to prevent the owner from publicly displaying code that is safe and then uploading a malicious jar. You can also take the risk of downloading the jar provided on github by clicking the releases tab and downloading the release.jar


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