WALLHACK – WH – Simple Hack


This free Wallhack WH CS:GO cheat is very simple and just contains the Wallhack feature. Due to its simplicity, it is always undetected and updated very frequently. If you just want to cheat with a wall hack an nothing else, this is the perfect CSGO cheat for you! Check out more legit cheats here

How to use WALLHACK WH :

  1. Launch the CSGO game
  2. Enter the match
  3. Run the file WALLHACK_CHEATCLOUD.CC.exe
  4. Play 🙂

🔥 The simplest Wallhack on CS GO has been updated: Now there are multiple colors of enemies

  • If the player has 70 HP or more it will be displayed in blue
  • If the player has less than 30-70 HP it will be displayed in yellow
  • If the player has less than 30 HP it will be displayed in red
wallhack wh

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