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Valak Client 5.8 – League of Legends Client Hack

The Valak Client Hack allows you to change your skin, rank, insta lock, auto-accept, and many other features. For instance, does a friend want to play the same character as you? When you enable the insta lock feature in the league of legends valak client, the hero you want is quickly locked to you. This way, you can use any hero you want.

Features of Valak Client Hack

  • Skin Changer – Module: Allow you to change your skin in-game. (Press INSERT in-game to open valak menu)
  • Auto says lane: If enabled, say one lane in a chat of the normal game.
  • Auto Accept: Accept automatically matches.
  • Rank Chat Changer: Change your tier rank on League of Legends Chat description (SOLO/DUO)
  • Instant Lock: Automatic pick your champion on a normal game.
  • Auto remove friends request: Remove automatically friends requests.
  • Auto accepts friends request: Accept automatically friends requests.
  • Restart League of Legends Client: Restart your client, without quit from the champion selection.


This cheat is now called “Evolut”. You can download it -> here


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