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Free Valorant Hack 2022 (Tutorial)

1 THIS ARTICLE IS REALLY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ EVERYTHING IF YOU REALLY WANT TO USE A FREE VALORANT HACK!!! This article will always stay on top of the Website, so everyone knows why there are not so many cheats here. I am cheating in games for over 12 years now and I am writing this […]Read More



2 This great Valorant Wallhack lets you see enemies’ player models behind walls and objects. With this cheat you will always easily win, as long you are playing legit in order to not be suspicious and to avoid any reports. Of course you are at risk to be banned as always, because Valorant has the […]Read More


Triggerbot 1.0

4 INSTALLATION TUTORIAL:Make sure to disable your antivirus so the files don’t get automatically deletedInstall Interception https://github.com/oblitum/Interception (Follow the guide there) Download the triggerbot (its called notepad++)Start the exeSet your game to borderless and set your secondary fire key on B FEATURES:Triggerbot (ms delay selectable)Bhop [WIP]Read More