Rusherhack Minecraft Client – 1.12.2


About Rusherhack:

Rusherhack is not a free client and costs $20 USD.
Once you have parched rush hack with (cough cough) code KiLAB you are redirected to their member area. Here you can download the rush hack installer and optionally link your discord account to gain access to their server.

Hacks offered by Rusherhack:

[1] X Ray – Allows you to see through blocks, to mine ores.

[2] Entity control – This can help new players escape spawn without a saddle.

[3] no slow – This module does not work on all servers but when used it can save you a lot of time.

[4] Gui move – This module lets you view your inventory without stopping.

[5] Base Finder – This module works best with boat fly or elytra fly and can be helpful for finding new loot while the user is afk.

[6] freecam – Can be used to go into spectator mode around a player to view caves or bases.

[7] packet fly – This module can be used in pvp or when you get portal trapped.


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