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The Rage mod menu has an interface inspired by the Luna mod menu, providing over 500 modules, Spoofer Tool Kit, the Asi Script Loader, and Advanced Recovery options.
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Features of the Rage Mod Menu:

  • Scripts Loader -> Load and Unload any asi scripts
  • Abundance of features -> Over 500 Ready To Use Modules.
  • Frequent updates -> Weekly Planned Updates.
  • Injectable trainer -> Rage is an injectable Trainer, meaning it injects to your game at runtime. This allows you to run Rage alongside most mods.
  • Essential & Special features -> Rage contains every essential feature that you need in your modding experience.
  • Spoofer Tool Kit -> Spoof Your SC NAME & SCID & STATS & External IP
  • Outfit Manager -> Create & Save Your outfits.
  • RP/Unlocks Recovery -> Change Your Rank & Your Crew.
  • Remote Features -> Troll or Grief or Help Any Player In Your Session.
  • Heister Helper -> Complete Your Heist Preps in clicks & Customize your payout.
  • Syncable Pickups -> Drop your friends & other players Action figures & Plastic Bags
rage mod menu

To open the mod menu press the F4 key


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