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Project Plato v2 – Fortnite Skin Changer

Are you looking for a working Fortnite Skin Changer? Project Plato v2 for Fortnite is a great tool for quickly and safely changing your skins in Fortnite.

Project Plato v2 is a utility that replaces your in-game skins with default skins from the Fortnite Skin Changer mod and installs them for you. The skins are activated when you make changes to your PAK files in the game files!

About Project Plato v2

The Best Fortnite Skin Changer for PC is error-free and allows you to install a variety of different default skins on your Fortnite player. However, always check the status on our site before downloading; moreover, anytime the game receives updates, the skins are reset to default; be sure to download the most recent version of skin changer from here.

Features of every Skin Changer

  • Free to use
  • Every OG Skin
  • Pickaxes, Gliders and many more

How to use Project Plato v2 in Fortnite

1. Make sure Fortnite isn´t running!

2. Install Project Plato v2 and run it

3. Choose any skin, from there.

4. Click “Convert”

5. Now close the Skin Changer

(Important – Make sure you check that Project Plato v2 is not running in the background)

6. Now run Fortnite to see the skins!


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