Mobware – Crab Game External Hack / Cheat


Mobware External – Crab Game Hack

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Crab Game cheats / hacks. We have the most effective Crab Game cheat. God Mode, Air Jump or so-called Air Break, Remove Slapping Cooldown, and an impossible-to-detect Speedhack are among the features.

Features of Mobware External – Crab Game

  • Fast Punch (disable the cooldown of the punch)
  • Blink (disables you playerpos & playerrot, the other players will not see you moving around, when you will untoggle it and do a step your position will be updated to the new one)
  • Helpful for “Red/Green Light”, you can rush without getting killed by the doll.
  • Useful in “Lights out”, you can kill everyone and they will not see you. Just enable godmode and hide yourself before toggle it.
  • Useful for “send players to the moon”, toggle it and touch the players with your body, then go away and untoggle it. The player that u touched will be sent to the moon.
  • Gravity (removes ur gravity)
  • Infinite Jump (allows you to jump infinitely times)
  • Perma Slide (allows you to slide permanently)
  • God Mode (you cant die, you can only die if you touch the water)
  • No Knock Back (you don’t get knock)
  • Punch People (bind it, go in front of someone or find the right position near the entity, toggle it and the player will be “sent to the moon”)
  • Save Pos (save your current position coordinates)
  • Tp Last Pos (teleport to your saved coordinates)
  • (S) Break Glasses (break glasses in “(S) Glass Jump” map. If you toggle it at the start, all the glasses will explode)
  • Splot TP (take all the colors in the map “Splot”)
  • Fullbright (remove the darkness in “Dorm” mode, so allow you to see basically)
  • ChatSpammer (the chat never closes after sending a message, so you can spam the text)

How to use Mobware External – Crab Game

  1. Download Free Crab Game Hack external
  2. Open the game
  3. Open the cheat when you are in the main menu
  4. Enjoy!

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