Minecraft Konas Hack – 1.12.2


More About The Konas Hacked Client:

The Konas utility hacks are good although personally I would use this client along with Future or a free hacked client of your choice. The konas website could benefit from a Modules page and maybe an FAQ page, But otherwise the client itself is really well made.

Hacks that Konas offers:

[1] Crystal aura – When configured correctly this can be a VERY powerful module, keep in mind it is highly dependent on your ping and config.

[2] Burrow – This module is called Rubber Fill and can be found under the Exploit tab, it works on a lot of servers and overall is a good module.

[3] Surround – This module is fast and has more settings than the majority of clients out there. I may be wrong but I believe it was one of the first clients to implement modes like “Anti PA” to surround.

[4] Off Hand – This module is amazing and has a lot of settings. From what I hear a lot of people prefer this module over some other clients.

[5] Piston Aura – This module is fairly consistent and is faster than a few other clients.

[6] Kill Aura – The kill aura module can work well with a good config but if i’m being honest it is not as powerful as rusherhack or Future.

[7] Hole Esp – While this is more of a render module it is pvp related and in my opinion is by far the best looking hole esp out there, when configured correctly.


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