Minecraft Ares Hacked Client – (1.12.2 – 1.18.1)


More about The Ares Hacked Client:

Ares is a free and open source client that can be found on Github. The github page has been set up very nicely. There is a decent amount of information on the client, and there are instructions on building the client for yourself. 

Interesting Hacks Offered By The Ares Client:

[1] – Anchor Aura
This module automatically places and explodes Respawn anchors to kill opposing players, it obviously only works in the overworld.

[2] – Crystal Aura
This module automatically places and explodes End crystals to kill opposing players, the module itself is slightly customizable with a few different settings and modes.

[3] – Kill Aura
This module automatically attacks enemy players or mobs.
Unfortunately this module does not have as many settings as other clients I have reviewed.

[4] – Firework Aura
I have never seen this module before, The module itself attempts to trap an opposing player. It will then spam fireworks dealing damage to them.

[5] – Bed Aura
This module automatically places and then right clicks beds in the nether and end dimensions, to blow up your enemies.

[6] – Offhand
This module lets you hold an item in your offhand, but then it automatically switches to a totem when you reach a certain health level.

[7] – offhand gap
When enabled this module will automatically gappel on a right click, even if you are not on your grapple slot.

[8] – Surround
This module automatically surrounds your feet with Obsidian to prevent other players from blowing you up with end crystals or beds.

[9] – Auto City
This module automatically breaks the blocks surrounding an opposing player’s feet, so that you can deal more damage.

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