Always Up-To-Date

MadLoader is updated regularly. It also always offers the latest versions of the specific cheats.

Cheats for many games

Madloader offers cheats for CS:GO, Valorant and more! We make sure that all cheats are up-to-date. For a full cheat list, check our Forums!

It’s free.

Yes, Madloader is free. We earn money through ads, thanks to our custom ad approval system. All of the cheats will be avaible for free! However, we do offer account upgrades, which means you can get ad-free access to Madloader.

Huge community

We have a forum to discuss Madloader. You can find configs, tutorials and everything else there. You can join our Discord server! Everyone can submit their configs, staff makes sure that all downloads on the forum are safe!

Custom injection

We provide a custom iinjection method for CS:GO, which reduces the risk of VAC Bans. We also have a working VAC bypass.


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