Joker 1.6

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Joker – GTA V Mod Menu

The Joker menu contains numerous trolling options, as well as numerous vehicle options and options for any other situation you can imagine. You can use it to participate in a public session, earn money, and avoid being killed by griefers.

Features of Joker

  • Self options
  • Weapon modifications
  • Vehicler spawner
  • Network options
  • Protections
  • Recovery options
  • Many more

How to use Joker 1.6 in GTA V

  • Run GTA V Story mode and wait in-game
  • Download and run the Joker Setup
  • Run the Joker Launcher
  • Get yourself a Joker login key and paste it into the given field
  • Press “Launch” to inject Joker
  • Press “F4” to open up the menu in GTA V

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