Impact Minecraft Hack Client – (1.11.2 – 1.16.5)


More about the Impact Hacked Client:

The Impact client is an advanced utility hack / hacked client for Minecraft, it is packaged with Baritone and includes a large number of useful mods. As I’m sure most of you already know Impact is a free and semi open source client that can be found on its own custom website,
What I mean by semi open source is that the client itself is closed source, but the client’s installer is open source.

Review of the Minecraft Impact Hack / Hacked Client:

While Impact does offer its users some pvp modules, the client itself is definitely more focused on Utility modules.

[1] – Crystal Aura
The crystal aura module works, but it is nowhere near as fast or powerful as some of the other pvp clients I have reviewed.

[2] – Auto Totem
Again this module works, but it cannot be used in place of an offhand module Which is something impact lacks.

[3] – Kill Aura

This module actually works really well, there are a lot of settings and the module is reliable.

[4] – Criticals
This module makes all of your hits critical hits, this module works really well, but it sometimes lags through when used through blocks.

[5] – Auto Weapon
This module will automatically switch to the most effective weapon for pvp, this can be useful and save time for lazy players.

[6] – Hunt

This module automatically follows enemy players and attacks them, this only works on mini game servers and not with modules like Crystal aura.

[7] – Bow Aimbot

This module automatically aims your bow so that you can’t miss your shots.

How to install the Impact Hack / Hacked Client:

Download the installer from the official website.
If you are on Windows, please use the Windows only version of the installer (unless you have issues with it, in which case try the .jar version of the installer). Non-Windows users should always use the .jar version.


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