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A simple free GOESP cheat for CS:GO. Because there is just one main function – ESP – this hack is only for amateurs. The ESP (WH) feature will make your adversaries visible beneath the map textures, giving you a significant advantage over your opponents because you will know where the players are ahead of time and be prepared.
The hack is controlled through a simple menu where you can adjust and personalize the ESP for yourself, choose the proper colors, and activate other features such as indicating your enemy’s health, weaponry, and distance from you, among other things. In general, this hack is available for free download and use.

How to use GOESP:

How do I open menu?

  1. Open the CheatLoader
  2. Go to the CS:GO section
  3. Start GOESP
  4. Press INSERT while focused on CS:GO window.

Is the ESP visible on recording?
Nope, but you have to uncheck ‘Capture external overlays’ option in your recording software.


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