Future Hack For Minecraft – (1.8.9 – 1.14.4)


More about the Future Hacked Client:

So some people may be wondering is Future still worth $20 USD in 2022?
Well in my opinion yes it is, especially if you play on 2b2t or similar servers. If you are playing on more relaxed crystal pvp servers you may be better off with other free alternatives but for anarchy I personally think future is worth its price.

The best features of the Future Hacked Client:

[1] – Packetfly
Future is known for having amazing packetfly and phase modules, for anyone that doesn’t already know packet fly is an extremely difficult module to code.

[2] – pvp modules
Future is also known for having an amazing set of pvp modules for servers like 2b2t, the client has a very strong crystal aura module and the kill aura is also very good!

[3] – Strict mode
A lot of the Future modules have a strict mode or strict settings, these are amazing for servers like 2b2t that have a somewhat strict anti-cheat. This is one of the reasons Future is so good on 2b2t.

[4] – Client safety
With people like Fit mc promoting the client I think it is fair to say that the client is safe to use. If the devs ever did anything suspicious they would lose all of their reputation and a big source of revenue along with it.

[5] – Organization and functionality

I really like how well organized all of the modules are and how all of the modules do what they say, there are a lot less so-called bloat modules when compared to other clients. In my opinion This makes using the client more enjoyable.

FAQ about installing the Future Hack / Hacked Client:

Q: How do I open the installer?
A: You double click on it and wait around 20 seconds, if it does not open you have a bad installation of Java. Download new Java from here: https://java.com/en/ If downloading java does not fix the issue, then try this program: https://futureclient.net/future/installer/jarfix.exe
If you are on Linux and the installer does not open, then you need to fix your java using this command: update-alternatives –config java

Q: Why does it say invalid credentials when I try to log into the installer?
A: You need to set a new password/email on your account in the User CP.

Q: Why does the client not open?
A: You need to select the proper Minecraft Forge version that it requires. Click the up arrow next to the Play button in the launcher or if it doesn’t contain it you need to set it to launch that exact version in the launch configurations. If it does not work at all you can try deleting your .minecraft folder, reinstalling Minecraft and Future.

Q: Why does it say “Error connecting to validation server. It is most likely down.”?
A: You most likely have a bad connection or connected to a VPN. Our authenication server should never go offline unless we are doing maintenance work. Usually a retry of opening the client fixes the issue.


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