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This article will always stay on top of the Website, so everyone knows why there are not so many cheats here.

I am cheating in games for over 12 years now and I am writing this article to help you understand why cheating in Valorant (properly) is NOT possible for free! Even tho this is the case, I will tell you what you can do, to cheat for free anyways.
Valorant’s Vanguard Anticheat is something I had never whitnessed before.
The biggest selling point of Valorant is it’s extreme stance on cheating.
There are paid cheats that are undetected of course, but when it comes to free stuff, it becomes 100 times harder.

How the Anti-Cheat Works:

Vanguard is one of only a few kernel anticheats that runs at boot, joining the ranks of ESEA and FaceIt. What does this mean?

Before you can load any other drivers, before you log into Windows, Vanguard is already running. What does this mean for cheaters?

EAC and Battleye for example, are not running at boot. To bypass them, you manually map your driver before the anticheat loads. So, load your driver, then load the game with the anticheat services set to “manual load” in services.msc. It’s a race to load first, if you can load first, you can hide from the anticheats. This is the majority of the reason why these anticheats are “easily” bypassed.

With Vanguard, which is already running, when you map your cheat driver, it can detect it and prevent you from hacking the game or result in a ban.

Riot is serious about cheating
Besides the fact that Vanguard anticheat runs at boot, Riot is taking cheating VERY seriously, they have hired smart people to develop the anticheat and are working very hard to prevent cheating.

Vanguard Bounty Opportunity
Riot has a bug bounty program on HackerOne offering up to $100,000 for finding vulnerabilities in Vanguard, this should give you a good impression of how serious they are.

free valorant hack - vanguard bounties

For more detailed infos on how Vanguard works and what exactly it does, you can visit this page:

How to use a Free Valorant Hack anyways:

When I said “cheating is not possible for free”, I meant that you won’t really have any fun. Of course you can start a cheat and it will work, but the chance that you get banned is 99%.
This means you will always have to create new accounts and spoof your Hardware-ID (HWID). Also many cheats contain viruses and don’t work at all, which means that you should really watch out when you download a free Valorant hack.

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