Creepy Salhack Minecraft Hack – 1.12.2


More about the Creepy Salhack Minecraft Hack:

A few months ago Creepy salhack became famous after videos of its automatic dupe module spread on youtube. The dupe never actually worked on servers like for example, but rather only on smaller want to be anarchy servers.

With this being said if you are downloading the client for its auto dupe module, it most likely won’t work on the server you intend to play on.

It is also worth mentioning that both Salhack and Creepy-Salhack have been discontinued and will no longer receive any updates.

Crystal pvp hacks offered by Creepy Salhack:

[1] – Auto Crystal
Creepy Salhack offers its users 2 crystal aura modules. I personally prefer the rewrite version even though it has fewer settings than the original module.

[2] – Auto totem
The auto totem feature acts more like Offhand. The module itself has a  wide range of settings and I personally found it to be very reliable.

[3] – Kill Aura
While this module has quite a few settings, I found it hard to make a config that could compete with other clients I have used.

[4] – Auto City
This module automatically mines the obsidian blocks surrounding your opponent, allowing you to city them.

[5] – Anti City Boss
This module automatically places 4 obsidian in the direction you are facing to prevent other players from citying you. The module itself is fast and does what its meant to do.

[6] – Auto Trap
This module attempts to trap your opponent in obsidian, I found it struggles with high ping, but if your opponent is standing still it is fast and reliable.

[7] – Auto Armor
This module has a decent amount of settings and works well.
I like that it has elytra as an option as this can be useful to escape sticky situations.

[8] – Surround
This module is fast and somewhat reliable, unfortunately it does not work if you are on a pillar but rather only if there are blocks for it to place on.

How to install the Creepy Salhack Hacked Client:

Salhack is a forge mod for 1.12.2. We provide already pre build jar files on our release page. If you want to have changes before they get officially released check our CI out. (It builds a new jar file on every change we make.) To use Salhack just drop the jar file in your mods folder and start forge. Have fun!


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