Octopus v1.0 – Crab Game Hack / Cheat


Octopus v1.0 | Crab Game Cheat / Hack

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking for Crab Game cheats. We have the most effective Crab Game cheat available. Godmode, Air Jump or so-called Air Break, Remove Slapping Cooldown, and an impossible-to-detect Speedhack are among the features.

Features of Octopus v1.0

  • Infinite Punches
  • ESP Chams and more Visuals
  • Fly
  • Godmode
  • Weapon Buffes
  • Give yourself items
  • Anti Knockback
  • No gravity
  • How to use Octopus v1.0

How to use Octopus v1.0

  1. First, install MelonLoader (if you haven´t already) and uninstall & reinstall Crab Game as well
  2. After you have reinstalled the game itself, launch it and either create a lobby or join one yourself
  3. Close the game
  4. Drag and drop the OctopusFree.dll inside the plugins which is located in
    your game’s root folder.
  5. Now you can finally open Crab Game via Steam and have fun!


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