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We are happy to give you a current and working cheat for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, your favorite game. CORSAIR is a trick that can help you enhance your gaming rank and more. Players will be able to obtain high-quality functionality here, which is entirely free. Because the VAC does not identify the cheat, you need not be concerned about being banned. There is also a great method for configuring all of the features for yourself, thus this hack has a lot of configs, mostly for a legitimate game.

Instructions for using the CorsairCSGO Hack

  1. Open the CheatLoader
  2. Go to the CS:GO section
  3. Start Corsair and have fun!

The main functions that are presented in the hack:

  • LegitBot with this feature, you can customize your shooting and make it perfectly accurate.
  • Visuals with this feature, you can use beautiful visual effects, esp, wallhack, and all the functionality that will help you display your enemies through textures on the map.
  • SkinChanger with this feature, you can choose any private skin for weapons for free.
  • System Configs and much more.


Legit Config by Z0ji

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