Abyss Minecraft Hacked Client – 1.12.2


About the Abyss Hack:

Abyss offers its users a wide range of pvp hacks, they all seem to be quite customizable and equally as powerful when configured correctly. A lot of these modules are made with 2b2t.org in mind, but they work just as well on other pvp servers.

Hacks that Abyss is known for:

Abyss is known for both its pvp and utility modules.
Personally I think the rendering modules are also a stand out feature.

[1] Auto Crystal – This module easily has the most settings out of any client I have used, with a good config and low ping this module is quite powerful.

[2] Kill Aura – I was personally surprised at the power of the kill aura module, unlike other clients it is easy to configure and works well.

[3] Burrow – This module has a few settings and according to their promotion video it supposedly works on 2b2t.org

[4] Surround – This module struggles with higher ping, but overall it has a few settings and works as intended.

[5] offhand – There were a lot more settings than I was expecting, with a good config this module performed as expected.

[6] Hole filler – with higher ping this module causes rubber banding, but overall it works and has quite a few different settings.

[7] Auto Trap – I like the different modes offered by this module. In my testing it was reliable and worked well.


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